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    Lasco Strawberry Flavoured Powdered Milk (120g)

    Manufacturer: Lasco Manufacturing
    Lasco Strawberry (Cereza ) Flavoured Powdered Milk (120g)
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    LASCO is renowned locally and internationally for its powdered milk and soy beverages. Rich in vitamins, protein and calcium, LASCO Food Drink is a nutritious powdered soy beverage. A leader in the Jamaican fortified beverages category, Food Drink is available in eight delicious flavours: vanilla, creamy malt, strawberry, chocolate, peanut punch, pineapple orange, cherry berry and carrot.

    For consumers who are unable to drink milk, LASOY Lactose Free is a nutritious cholesterol free soy beverage, which is an excellent source of calcium, iron, zinc and iodine.