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    Do I need the Zypps App in order to complete a payment on ZyppsKart?

    Yes, please watch this video to learn more.

    Are there other payment methods other than a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover cards and PayPal to shop on KaribKart (ZyppsKart)?

    Yes. You can purchase a Zypps reloadable prepaid gift card from any of our Partner Retailers and distributors which can be used to shop on KaribKart as well as to shop to book rides on the Zypps app. Learn more about Zypps here.

    You may also obtain a Zypps Gift Card. By doing the following:

    First Time Customers

    • Go to any NCB bank branch and or use your online direct bank transfer and deposit to Zyva Technology Solutions account = Account Number 294023887

    • As a customer on your first time depositing to the NCB Zyva account you would deposit an amount for example, $1,000, $2,000, $2,500, $3,000, $4,000 etc.,

    • Send us a copy of the deposit receipt. Take a picture of the receipt and send by phone (WhatsApp or SMS) or email to confirm the deposit.

    • Once we confirm the deposit, we will then deposit to your Zypps account linked to your mobile phone number a Zypps Card for the value of the deposit.

    Repeat Customers

    • You may reload your Zypps Card by checking the balance directly in the Zypps App or you may communicate directly with us by (by phone call or text message) and we will let you know how much to go deposit to the Zyva NCB account Number = 294023887 for the reload.

    • You deposit the money (the amount you are tapping up your Zypps Card with) for the reload to the Zyva NCB account = 294023887.

    • Send us a copy of the deposit receipt. Take a picture of the receipt and send by phone (WhatsApp or SMS) or email to confirm the deposit.

    • Once we confirm the deposit, we will then reload the your Zypps Card for the amount of the deposit.

    Click the applicable link below to download Zypps:



    Can I have someone overseas pay for my groceries and have it delivered to my door in Jamaica?

    Yes. Please watch this video to learn how.

    How do I track my orders?

    Deliveries are made via the Zypps system. To track your orders, login to your Zypps app...

    How long is the delivery process?

    During the checkout process, ZyppsKart customers can choose to have their purchases delivered in as little as a few hours during regular business hours, or up to one (1) week from the date of purchase. 

    Where does ZyppsKart deliver?

    ZyppsKart offers island-wide delivery via Zypps.

    To what other countries does ZyppsKart deliver?

    At this time ZyppsKart does not ship/deliver outside of the island of Jamaica. 

    What are the delivery hours?

    Deliveries are generally made during regular business hours but may vary base on the hours of operation of the specific vendor, customer location or product purchased. In addition, customers can typically choose between same-day, next-day or 2-5 day delivery.

    Returns, Exchanges & Refunds

    Returns and refund policies may vary as our platform currently only facilitates transactions between vendors and buyer. This means that when a purchase is made, the order is processed by a vendor who is responsible for fulfilling and delivering their own inventory. Please see our Returns Policy for more information.

    I How do I become a vendor?

    Step 1:    Ensure you have created a customer account with ZyppsKart and that you are signed in to your account.

    Step 2:    Navigate to the Become A Vendor page and complete and submit the registration form located on the page or click here here.

    Step 3:    ZyppsKart will process your application and respond within 48 hours. 

    Step 4:    Make necessary payments where payments may apply. 

    What can I sell on ZyppsbKart.

    ZyppsKart vendors can list for sale a variety of items that are legal and which are not limited only to physical products but may also include virtual downloadable products, services or even ready-to-eat food items. Feel free to Contact Us if you have further questions about our products and services.