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    Mixed Baskets

    Each basket contains a unique mix of fruits, vegetables and ground provisions. 

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    Picture of Basic Mixed basket

    Basic Mixed basket

    A small basket mix of fruits, vegetables and ground provisions. Basket contains: RIpe Banan - Oranges - Red American Apple - Cabbage - Carrots - Caballo - Tomatoes - Onions - Garlic - RIpe Plantain - Green Banana - Yellow Yam This basket also contains some optional items such as: Papaya - Otaheite Apple - Cucumber - Pak Choi - Escallion - Sweet Potato - Ackee.
    $0.20 excl tax
    Green Banana (1 doz)

    Basic Mixed Produce Basket

    A small basket mix of fruits, vegetables and ground provisions. Basket contains: Green Banana (1doz) Green Banana (1doz) Yellow Yam (3 lbs) Sweet Potato (3lbs) Irish Potato (2 lbs) Pumpkin (2 lbs) Mellon (3 lbs) Tomatoes (2 lbs) Escalion (1 lb) Onion (2 lbs) Cabbage (2 lbs) Callaloo ( 2 bundles) Carrots (2 lbs)
    $0.20 excl tax
    Picture of Medium Mixed Basket

    Medium Mixed Basket

    An assortment of ground-provisions and fresh fruits and vegetables. Just determine the quantity of each item in this pack, add the basket to your cart and proceed to checkout. Good for a medium-size family 2 - 4. Basket contains: Yellow Yam - Pumpkin - Green Banana - Sweet Potato - Dried Coconut - Ripe Plantain - Carrots -Pak Coi - Cabbage - Cucumber - Watermelon - Papaya - Lime - Tomatoes - Yellow Onions - Escallion. Basket also contains optional items such as: Dasheen - Breadfruit - Ackee - Scotch Bonnet Pepper - Nutmeg - Sweet Sop - Jackfruit.
    $0.00 excl tax

    Medium Mixed Basket

    Basket contains a large mix of fruits, vegetables and ground provisions including: Cabbage - Carrots - Cho Cho - String Beans - Watermelon - Papaya- Pineapple - Sweet Potato - Onions - Escallion - Tomatoes . Optional :
    $0.00 excl tax
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